Good news on a Sunday morning

          I got a message this morning I wanted to share… AS I’m working on the screenplay. My sophomore novel The Gray Line is a finalist in the LGBTQ category of the 2022 IAN Book of the Year awards! I’m both shocked and humbled by this. If you haven’t read The Gray Line […]

The Literary Game

So, I’m going to start off with a secret.   I’m not an author.   Not even remotely. I’m a writer. I’m a storyteller. (For the love of God, don’t ask me to tell you about my weekend, I’ll have you here for a half hour.) But I’m not an author. A storyteller entertains and […]

My Journey In Patience

I pride myself on being an extremely patient person. In an effort not to fall down some dark yet humorous rabbit hole, I won’t go into grave detail. Suffice to say that I’ve seen some shit, I’ve survived some shit and I’ve managed to keep my sanity. However, I will say that with everything I’ve […]

Yep. I’m still Black in America…

I am currently writing this from a plane that just took off from Houston to Dallas. Why? Well, being the hard working Americans that we are, my wife and I decided we should have a very nice family vacation with the kid this summer, so we took her on a 7 day cruise out of […]

So THAT just happened…

I’m angry… Shauna has cautioned me from blogging too politically until the book has been released, with the idea that if I were to do so, I would alienate potential readers before they have a chance to read. I get the premise. I mean, I DO have a business degree which included a few marketing […]

I have found my new nemesis…..

The pain in my ass for today is: word count.   Last week, Shauna (You will see me mention Shauna a lot. Shauna is my wife.. just so we’re clear..), received a response from one of the agents we queried. Most of the queries were coming back as “thanks but no thanks.” The nicer agents […]