Rainbow Baby

Here’s another little secret.   I’m a Rainbow Baby…   I guess in the *technical* sense of the word that’s not true. See, a Rainbow Baby is a child born

So THAT just happened…

I’m angry… Shauna has cautioned me from blogging too politically until the book has been released, with the idea that if I were to do so, I would alienate potential

Hello, Self-Doubt, my old friend…

Confession: I struggle with self-doubt.   That probably doesn’t seem like a big reveal because I’m sure most human beings have self-doubt every now and again. (If you haven’t, you

I have found my new nemesis…..

The pain in my ass for today is: word count.   Last week, Shauna (You will see me mention Shauna a lot. Shauna is my wife.. just so we’re clear..),

What Is Shadow Resistance?

It took me a long time to do this; to my friends and family, probably too long. When I say “this,” I mean write and put myself out there. I