For My Sister

It’s been a very long time folks… too long. I’d apologize, but I highly doubt I’m all that engaging or important to any of you that you actually MISSED my

Where is the love?

Recently, I stumbled across an editorial on a lesbian entertainment website that I have been a long follower and fan of. The article was titled: “Butch Eradication, Served with a

Behind Every Good Thing Is An Amazing Woman

They say behind every good man is a better woman.    Since I’m not a man, *I* personally can’t say that, but that’s what they say. Obviously, the title is a spin

It Takes All Types to Make The World Spin….

Here’s a fun one for you…   Astrology used to fascinate me. I like to understand the characteristics of every astrological sign, and try to see those traits in people

My First Real Parenting Moment

I planned on doing a 2018 reflection blog post, but time got away from me and 2019 didn’t start out on a great note. Now I’m over it and so