It Takes All Types to Make The World Spin….

Here’s a fun one for you…   Astrology used to fascinate me. I like to understand the characteristics of every astrological sign, and try to see those traits in people I knew within them. I understand and realize that some people see it as bullshit, especially people who are religious or who view it with […]

My First Real Parenting Moment

I planned on doing a 2018 reflection blog post, but time got away from me and 2019 didn’t start out on a great note. Now I’m over it and so I’ll only say, “Hi 2019!”   Today, I’m going to do what I usually do on Facebook and share a moment I had today. I […]

We All Need That One Thing…

Tis the season and all that jazz…   So, I have been slacking on both the blogging and writing lately, but I kind of felt my brain deserved a breather. Well, that’s not true. As we’ve learned in several previous installments, my brain RARELY takes a breather. In fact, the more I try to relax […]

They Say You Can’t Go Home Again

I know it’s been a while, but to be honest, ya girl has been tired and wo’ out. Life is hard, writing is hard, people dealing is hard. I just haven’t had it in me to do much but go to work, come home, drink, watch TV, and play a little Red Dead Redemption 2. […]

So, Today Is My Birthday…

Today is my 39th birthday.   I have honestly always hated my birthday. I know that’s probably abnormal to most people, but that’s just how it’s always been for me.   See, my oldest brother’s birthday is 3 days after mine. Growing up, because we didn’t have a great deal of money, we had to […]

The Day After… (A Few Days Late)

Whew boy –   I didn’t think we’d get here, but here we is…   (Hey, this is meant to be conversational, not proper.)   I wish I could truly communicate the sheer unnecessary ridiculousness Shauna and I had to navigate to get here, but here we is…   I can actually say, “My name […]

My Ode to Femininity & Blackness

It’s not easy being female. I mean, I think every woman can attest to that. Not only are we automatically deemed the “weaker sex,” not only do we live in a patriarchy where men believe it is their RIGHT to decide what is best for women, not only are we living in an impenitent rape […]

Hypervigilance, Insomnia, and Other Reasons I Hate My Brain

I REALLY hate my brain… So many people tell me how they would love to visit my brain. They wish they could travel into it and see how it works, the ideas the float around in it, just spend some time there or even live there. (THOSE poor idiots..) I would not find that advisable.   […]

My Top 5 Go-To Reads (long version)

For one to be a writer, it is probably advisable for one to actually be a reader as well. I have been a reader my whole life. The genres of preference tend to be on a wide spectrum. I love discovering new stories and adventures. I honestly did not think I was a “sci-fi” geek […]

My Journey In Patience

I pride myself on being an extremely patient person. In an effort not to fall down some dark yet humorous rabbit hole, I won’t go into grave detail. Suffice to say that I’ve seen some shit, I’ve survived some shit and I’ve managed to keep my sanity. However, I will say that with everything I’ve […]