Good news on a Sunday morning

          I got a message this morning I wanted to share… AS I’m working on the screenplay. My sophomore novel The Gray Line is a finalist in the LGBTQ category of the 2022 IAN Book of the Year awards! I’m both shocked and humbled by this. If you haven’t read The Gray Line […]

The Literary Game

So, I’m going to start off with a secret.   I’m not an author.   Not even remotely. I’m a writer. I’m a storyteller. (For the love of God, don’t ask me to tell you about my weekend, I’ll have you here for a half hour.) But I’m not an author. A storyteller entertains and […]

It Could Have Been Me

I’m having a lot of feelings as of late. So many feelings, that I’m not sure HOW I’ve been holding it together lately. From Breonna to George and the multitude between and since, to realizing that people I once loved tremendously REALLY don’t think my life matters. I think this is enough to stretch the […]

Love Hurts

Love hurts. It’s messy, it’s crazy, it’s stressful and it’s chaotic.   You know what else is chaotic? *large gesture to the whole ass Earth* See the thing is, because we come into this world alone, we are shaped by our experiences. Because this world is messy and chaotic and just flat out HARD… The […]

Quarantine Chronicles – First Edition

Ah technology… What a remarkable, incredible, magnificent, horrible, waste-land mankind has created, amirite? I mean, it just depends on what kind of day you’re having! Maybe you want to look at hilarious videos of goats in pajamas, (which was something I didn’t know I needed in my life until my good friends Amy and Deci […]

C’mon Tyler!!! (And other hair woes…)

I love being Black.   For real. It’s pretty freaking awesome.   If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that this has been a struggle for me in the past; particularly surrounding the comfortable expression of my Blackness. In this ever changing world, the comfort of one’s expression can wax and wane, depending […]

For My Sister

It’s been a very long time folks… too long. I’d apologize, but I highly doubt I’m all that engaging or important to any of you that you actually MISSED my blog entries. However, I’m suppose to have some kind of confidence in my writing to the point where part of me has to give the […]

Where is the love?

Recently, I stumbled across an editorial on a lesbian entertainment website that I have been a long follower and fan of. The article was titled: “Butch Eradication, Served with a Progressive Smile.” It piqued my interest. As discussed in prior writings, the LGBT community have boxes within boxes, and as far as I understand, my […]

Behind Every Good Thing Is An Amazing Woman

They say behind every good man is a better woman.    Since I’m not a man, *I* personally can’t say that, but that’s what they say. Obviously, the title is a spin on that. Today’s topic is about my lovely wife, Shauna. The reason I am writing about her is because on Saturday, we will be celebrating […]

Depression, Empathy, Therapy, & Other Reasons I Got Married

Living with depression is difficult. There is no one size fits all for depression. Everyone’s feelings are their own and the degree of soul crushing despondency is something that cannot be categorized across the board for people with depression. If you suffer from depression, I cannot say “I know what you feel”; because I do […]